Who I am:

My name is Rosalinde Kennis.
I am 53 years old, mother of a great 19-year old son, “owner” of a wise and very cute Haflinger mare, and fond of nature in all its facets.

I have highly developed clairsentient and clairaudient senses through which I am able to connect and communicate with any energy form or species (human, animal or other).
Thanks to being clairsentient (I pick up clear sensations from other creatures), and clairaudient (I hear messages from other creatures), I know how somebody really feels beyond the ego or front they show.
I can sense where an emotion or conviction blocks the vital energy flow.

With these abilities I help animals and (their) humans that have psychological problems (sudden different behaviour, stress, anxiety, sorrow, anger) and (unexplainable) recurring physical problems.
I was born with my clairsentient and audient abilities. It runs in our family. Although I was never aware that this was something special, I noticed that as a child I already had very special contacts with animals, especially with horses, my favourite animals.
As this gift was not really stimulated at home, and as I wanted to be "normal", like other people, after secondary school I focused on an international corporate career. I became a translator/interpreter and later started a career as an international secretary. 
During this career animals did remain in my life and I lived and interacted with my own animals (dogs and horses) and met some really special animals during my business travels and holidays.
In 2001 I became fully aware again of my gift and ability to connect with animals and humans at a deeper level and being able to help them.
Apart from my "regular" job, I now also work as animal communicator, give courses in this field and help animals and humans with recurrent physical/psychic complaints.

What I do:

- Animal communication ("animal whispering") and mediation between animals and humans:
In brief, I focus on the animal in distress and connect telepathically with the energy or essence of the animal. I can thus communicate with the animal and learn how it feels. I act as an interpreter between the animal and its human, and can mediate between them in case of problems.

-Animal Healing:
Just like humans, animals have a soul and awareness, and experience the same feelings and emotions as humans do (stress fear, insecurity, sadness, anger, jealousy and so on).
Like humans, animals will have psychological and physical problems if burdensome emotions or convictions are not recognised and expressed. If an animal has psychological and/or physical problems, I can sense these "blockages" and help the animal solve them by going to the initial blocking emotion and help it to be expressed by means of energetic work (resetting the thought pattern) or physical work (massages, stretching).

I love helping you and your animal to have a better connection and understanding, and to be free of any burdensome energy so that both of you feel better and live according to your nature: Our Nature

Please note that apart from being “gifted” with highly clairsentient and clairaudient senses, I am also happy to have a clear and sain thinking and down-to-earth character.
If problems have been existing long-term, are deeply rooted and need support from a medical/veterinarian doctor, I will always refer you and the animal to such a doctor.

What I do is not magic or supernatural. It makes perfect sense as all living creatures consist of energy, and I can pick up any wave of energy if needed. Others pick up less waves and have talents or gifts in other areas that are more commonly known and accepted.

If you wish to contact me, please mail me at rosalinde.kennis@gmail.com or call me at +31 6 298 05 190.